Town hall meetings are nothing more than "an opportunity for crazy people to scream at one another." So says Clay Jenkins, a Democrat and the highest-ranking government official in Dallas County.



The timing couldn't be more appropriate for voters in Dallas County. Judge Jenkins, who is up for re-election this November, made these dismissive comments just two short weeks before early voting begins.

Jenkins is facing competition from former Dallas City Councilman, Ron Natinsky (R), who recently released the above clip, which was taken from last week's Ebola press conference.

Despite what the title may suggest, County Judges do not serve a traditional, judiciary role. They are the head executive of county governments, are elected in countywide or "at-large" elections and serve with four other elected commissioners who oversee county governmental operations.

Ross Kecseg is a VP of the Coppell Republican Club.

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Here is something you likely won’t think about until election day – and then will promptly forget until the next time you vote: why don’t they hand out “I voted” stickers?