Here is something you likely won’t think about until election day – and then will promptly forget until the next time you vote: why don’t they hand out “I voted” stickers?  Since I have been an election judge in the past – and will be one again this fall, I can tell you Dallas County doesn’t provide them, even though many people ask for them.  They haven’t done this for years.

A search online reveals a raging biennial debate (you really have to go back to 2012 to find serious info on this).  Some consider them a waste of taxpayer dollars, although mighty New York considers them a badge of honor and a way to maintain the coolness factor of voting.  Other counties stopped doing it because it is expensive (although only in California can they claim the cost per sticker is $.15 even though you can go online and buy them for less than $.02) or because it would be more expensive to print up more stickers so that the wording could be in Spanish – even though they already exist on a single sticker). This even rises to controversy when an elections administrator was FOR stickers before she was AGAINST them

Despite the fact I’m about as cheap as they come, I actually come down on the side of stickers.  So much so that the Coppell Republican Club has agreed to buy a few thousand stickers for our local precincts for the upcoming election.  Why?  Because it matters.  People need to vote.  They need to know others have voted, and if they can but don’t, they diminish one of the greatest modern accomplishments of this country in modern times:  the universal right of every citizen (of age, who is not a felon, etc) to have a say in who their elected officials are.  We are willing to spend that money because, well, you are worth it, and I support your right to vote even if you go into the ballot box and vote against every candidate I vote for, because duty to country trumps duty to party.  We are a long way off from paying people to vote like they are considering in Los Angeles (who apparently did not get the word that it is illegal to give things away to get people to vote).  That sounds just crazy (it is worth a click on that link), but stickers should be something we can do.  I hope everyone who can will join me in voting this fall.  And get a sticker if you live in Coppell!

What do you think?  Should the county purchase stickers for everyone?